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Scythian Horse Archer

The Scythians were a nomadic people living on the steppes from the 8th to the 2nd century BC. Driven South East from their initial home brought them into contact with other races including the Assyrians, Greeks and Persians.

Darius 1 of Persia undertook a war against the Scythians, but their scorched earth tactics and constant attacks forced him to ignominiously retreat from Scythian land.

Scythian warriors were skilled horsemen and their deadliest weapon was  the composite bow, made of wood, horn and sinew. It was a powerful weapon capable of shooting 400 paces and Scythian horse archers were capable of shooting 10 aimed shots a minute from the saddle, shooting the bronze tipped arrows forwards or backwards at a pursuing enemy, all whilst at the gallop. The figure shown has just released an arrow with a ‘parting shot’ at an enemy foolish enough to follow him.



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